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All Enthusiasts of the Elecraft KX models including the KX1, KX2, KX3, and all KX-series accessories are welcome here. 

If you'd like to learn or share new tips, tricks or techniques on how to maximize your enjoyment of these rigs, this group is for you.

In order to join, you must either give your call sign or a reason you want to join. 

However, there a few common sense rules, or requirements to being a member of this group that you must observe as follows:

1) Respect your fellow Elecraft KX Group Members.
2) Well all have opinions and it is great to share them, but state them in a fair and uncontroversial manner.
3) Spamming is strictly prohibited, that includes advertising your products, whether or not related to any KX models. If you have a product that will enhance the use of a KX rig and you'd like to share your "Commercial offering" to the group, it must be vetted through the group manager/moderator first. 
4) This is intended to be a place where we can collect and grow a body of information as it pertains to the KX series rigs and accessories. Posting links to your "blog" or other site for the intent of driving traffic to it, is prohibited. Rather, you should post your information here for all to enjoy and have easy access for years to come. You can upload files, pictures etc. Aside from the Elecraft.com website, there is really no need for offsite information, lets amass it here. 

The above rules are required to keep this group functional and an enjoyable place for all of us to gather and share this great hobby of ours. Violators will be blocked from posting, repeat offenders will be banned from this group.

Please enjoy and contribute. 

Howard Hoyt / WA4PSC
Elecraft KX Group Moderator

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